Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! Our First Mass on Christmas!

With special thanks to His Excellency Roger L. Schwietz, O.M.I., and the Dominicans at Holy Family Cathedral, in particular Fr. Vincent Kelber and Br. Dominic David Maichrowicz. 2:00PM December 25, 2009 at Holy Family Cathedral.


Joe ( said...

So awesome!

I am so glad that this occurred. I think that when the faith can blend and combine the two forms and have congregations willing and able to accept both, the faith can flourish and make available a multitude of offerings for all members.

The acceptance of the NO & EF in a place like Alaska can only be a positive step towards a deepening of the faith. As there are now two churches in the diocese I look forward to the day when more and more churches will embrace this Mass - even if it is an occasional occurrence.

Praise God for this!

Gabriel said...

Felicitaciones! Dios los bendiga. Sursum Corda (Una Voce Córdoba - Argentina)

Anonymous said...

Please let everyone know when, at long last, there is a schedule at Anchorage for every-Sunday Masses.

I have a question: Is there any support for the Traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese of Juneau? I ask because I've never heard a peep from there. Of course, it is the least-populous diocese in the U.S.A. and the few faithful there are spread over a fairly large area (although not by Alaska standards!). So I'm not holding my breath on that one.

I ask about Anchorage because I assist Mr. Carl Schwalm in keeping the most up-to-date Internet list of T.L.M.s at the Mater Dei site.

Peter Karl T. Perkins
Victoria, B.C., Canada

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inquiry, Mr. Perkins. No word from Juneau, I'm afraid, but I don't have any contacts down their either. We are certainly willing to help in any way that we can.

By separate post I will advertise that beginning February 6, 2010, we will have the routine Saturday evening celebration of the Extraordinary Form at 7:30PM at Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage.

Dominus Vobiscum

P.S. Do you have an email address that I can use to correspond with you?

Poor Nurse Clare said...

Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures. I was at this Mass and appreciate that my Holy Communion was captured in this "eternal" way.

This was my first Latin Mass and I adored the chanting. I wish it happened in English more frequently. Fr. Vincent should chant all of his Masses! I found the effect of the responses being amplified from the back of the Cathedral to be very beautiful but not too showy.

I was deeply moved by receiving Christ in that posture during Communion. Poor Father Vincent had to listen to my mindblown self just kind of process that for awhile after the Mass.

After anticipating Christ's birth during Advent, there was an incredibly tangible experience of Christ choosing to come for me and for all sinners as I received Him in such passivity. The Eucharist itself (Himself?) even felt hot and magnetic. My breathing pattern when I returned to my pew was altered in a way that has happened only one other time during an intense encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Interestingly, since that time, I have found myself to be less than enthusiastic about entertaining such consolations. As miraculous as it was to be fed in that way, it is equally miraculous that I am fed by Him at every other Mass. I do not want to fall further into the trap of over-analysis and improvisation when He is simply there waiting for me like always, whether I receive Him on my knees or while standing.

(If I had a vote though, knees would have it :)

Happy Mary Day!

Mindyleigh said...

May I put one of these pictures in my blog to say congratulations to Fr. Vincent on his ordination anniversary? Thank you in advance. Also, that last comment by Poor Nurse Clare was me, back when I was being anonymous. :)