Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great News! His Excellency Archbishop Roger Schwietz is open to the Sunday Celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite

His Excellency already knows of the stable group that wishes for the Sunday celebration of the Extraordianry Form at Holy Family Cathedral because of the request he received on September 14, 2007. See original post at

So it seems now only to be a question of squeezing the Mass into the busy schedule of Masses on Sunday at Holy Family Cathedral. Two priests there can and are already willing and able to say it. How about 5:30AM? Any takers?

St. Therese, Our Little Flower, pray for us.

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Anonymous said...

I hate to be a "pill", but the priest in your masthead photo is violating the rubrics of the EF if this elevation is post-consecration.